Bio Diesel

Natural, Renewable and an alternative fuel for any diesel engine.

Biodiesel is a "Green Fuel"

Biodiesel is made from a renewable energy source unlike fossil diesel which is made from a finite energy source. Basically, we can grow our fuel. As long as we have sun, water and soil, we can grow crops that have a high oil content in their nuts or seeds. Typical crops are: Sunflower, Palm, Soy, Canola, Moringa, Maize, Carinata, Solaris, Jatropha and Jajoba to name a few.

Why Biodiesel?

What engines can use Biodiesel?

Biodiesel can be used in ANY diesel engine, whether is may be a Car, SUV, LDV, Truck, Forklift, Tractor, Generator, Boat, Mining, Earth moving or in a Burner for heating. Wherever fossil diesel is used, biodiesel can be used.

Used Cooking Oil Collection

Green-Diesel collects used cooking oil from Restaurants, Hotels, Fast Food Franchises, Hospitals, Ships, Military Bases, Fish Shops, Catering Companies and many more. If you need your used cooking oil collected, get in touch with us on 0727 738 559

The cost of production is calculated as follows:

Biodiesel is made from a vegetable oil (pressed from nuts or seeds) or animal fat (tallow or rendered chicken fat). When biodiesel is made using methanol, it is referred to as a Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME). Methanol can be substituted with ethanol. A catalyst is used to create the chemical reaction between the oil and the methanol. A typical catalyst will be Potassium Hydroxide or Sodium Hydroxide. The by-product of biodiesel production is called Glycerol (sometimes called Glycerin), which also has many uses.

Biodiesel is a direct replacement for fossil diesel. However it can also be blended with fossil diesel in any percentage. Biodiesel is better for your engine and will extend it’s service life. Its never too late to start using biodiesel.

Biodiesel Processors

Green-Diesel manufacture 10 processor sizes called the CERES range.
These processors have been designed by GRE

GRE I - 80 Litre

$ 4,200

Produces ± 55L of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE 1 - 200 Litre

$ 5,200

Produces ± 150L of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE II - 300 Litre

$ 6,200

Produces ± 250L of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE I - 500 Litre

$ 8,400

Produces ± 385L of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE 1 - 750 Litre

$ 10,400

Produces ± 580L of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE II - 1200 Litre

$ 18,500

Produces ± 950L of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE II - 1850 Litre

$ 24,000

Produces ± 1400 of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE II - 3000Litre

$ 38,000

Produces ± 2200L of biodiesel in 3 days

GRE II - 5000 Litre

$ 60,000

Produces ± 4000L of biodiesel

GRE II - 11000 Litre

$ 100,000

Produces ± 8500L of biodiesel in 3 days

Green-Diesel manufacture biodiesel batch processors from 80 litre to 11000 litre. Designed and manufactured in Kenya using clever engineering, our GRE range of processors combine the 3 stages of production (Processing, Washing & Drying) into a single tank with a very small footprint

Biodiesel Blending Systems

Green-Diesel manufacture, supply and install biodiesel blending systems to mix biodiesel and fossil diesel in the right percentage, according to customer requirements.

Biodiesel can be mixed with regular diesel (500ppm, 50ppm or 10ppm) in any percentage and it can be used in Turbo charged engines.

Internationally biodiesel is coded as follows: B100 – means 100% pure biodiesel (no regular diesel added) B50 – means 50% biodiesel and 50% regular diesel B20 – means 20% biodiesel and 80% regular diesel.

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